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How to turn an IDEA into a successful PRODUCT – some SECRETS…

Shed Simove – the Ideas Man – is performer, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker on creativity and innovation. He’s turned many of his own ideas into money-making products, building up an impressive range of novelty gifts, like the ‘Sound Machine’ (a small box with buttons that makes all kinds of noises), the ‘Not So Smart Watch’ (a wipe clean watch that’s packaged with with four wipe-clean pens, so you can draw anything on your mini white board) or a book titled, ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex` that contains two hundred totally blank pages.

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A world created from ideas, as immaterial resources are limitless

We put high hopes on analyzing big data, but we failed as we haven´t found solutions to the essential problems of our society. Questions like: What is the superior way of organisation of our society in the future or what’s the role of democratic principles in the future? – need to be asked and solved. In the past globalisation, optimization, administration, regulation have served us well and brought us to the level where we are but apparently as the economic situation shows now, we are in a stagnation and all those principles have reached their limits. We need new success principles. ‘I think those success principles are co-creation, co-evolution, collective intelligence, self-organization and self-regulation.’ – says Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing, Computational Social Science, Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences, ETH/Zurich

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‘Pseudo storage’ for wind energy – deration

As wind energy becomes an increasingly higher percentage of the entire grid, Prof. Lucy Pao is researching how wind turbines and wind farms can help to stabilize the utility grid frequency. She shows a different approach on how to deal with expensive storage for renewable energy. The ‘pseudo storage’ doesn´t maximise the generation of energy available but derates it. By using only 95% percent of the power available, wind farms can respond to a request of the utility if there is a need for more energy and increase their power to stabilize the grid frequency. Next to that wind turbines will be looking differently in the future as Prof. Pao and her research group are working on a bioinspired design that is significantly bigger and more flexible than conventional turbines.

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Network science – mapping interactions helps to predict and prevent

Network science or big data has already penetrated our daily lives. The most important areas where network science will be applied in the upcoming future are economics and finance, understanding human diseases and figuring out how the neurons in the brain are connected to each other, says Albert-László Barabási, Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

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