Selma Prodanovic/CEO Brainswork, Cofounder AAIA, IncrediblEurope, Brainslounge

TF: You founded Brainswork, you initiated IncrediblEurope 2049, the Austrian Angel Investors Association and the Brainswork Make a Difference Award.
Now you´re launching BrainsClub – what is there for us to expect?

To be honest, with BrainsClub we are creating the space & support which I wish existed when I started my first business.
I want to empower unique individuals and companies, especially start-ups, to make their visions come true. I believe that BrainsClub is the extension of many previous projects. BrainsClub is a membership based community dedicated to empowering 1 million entrepreneurs from around the world.

TF: What benefits do you offer for the members of Brainsclub?

When joining BrainsClub you have the opportunity to become part of an international entrepreneurial network of like minded people.  We provide a variety of tools, support methods, and communication channels for both personality empowerment coaching & entrepreneurial business development.
Members get feedback on their ideas and find a highly qualified crowd to challenge them. Joining exclusive and inspiring hangouts with me and The Brains is part of the offer as well as access workplaces worldwide provided by our partners.

TF: Who shall join the BrainsClub?

The number of entrepreneurs ist estimated to grow around 11.700/per hour/ worldwide. Mainly we target “future” and “new” entrepreneurs, in general underrepresented groups like women, youth, 50+ and immigrants as founders.

TF: How will our work life change medium term (within the next 10 years)?

Individual fulfillment will increase even more than we already see it today. Together with  constantly growing technical improvement of communication channels we will have an incremental amount of small and medium sized businesses considering the whole world as their target market. This is one of the reasons I have founded BrainsClub. The intention of BrainsClub is to connect entrepreneurs worldwide, inspire them and help them to develop and execute their ideas.

TF: What are our opportunities?

I think we never had better times before in our working life – at least in central/eastern europe. We never had so many opportunities combined with an increasing acceptance for new jobs and career paths. We can choose our work according to our skills and liking and by thus change the way we work and live.

TF: What are the challenges we have to face?

Self fulfilment in combination with technical opportunities and social media is a real challenge, especially for the youngsters. I believe the shift from looking at work as something one has to endure to make a living to treating work as instrument for self fulfilment is very positive. To be able to really live this can be difficult as we are only surrounded by success stories. The pressure to love your work and be successful is very high.

TF: What is your vision?

I believe my life-task is ‘ to connect the connectors’. To support people who make a significant contribution to society, interconnect them and thus amplify their impact.