Rethinking business.
We report on new concepts, innovation, real game changers and contribute to change ourselves. Taskfarm interviews are compensated with Multiple Forms of Capital.

What to do:

Nominate an innovator, mover, maker, game changer, and invite them to the interview.
You (and your company) will be mentioned by name at the beginning of the interview and a link to your website (or social media profile) will be placed.
Interviewed persons can pass this gift on to someone whose story should be told.

A triple effect is achieved:

* exciting content about future topics for a high-end target group (decision-makers) is created
* everyone (every company) can be the sponsor of an extraordinary content
* (and this is probably the most exciting part) the creation of a personal connection that emerges
between two people when such a special gift is given and received.

What does the invitation to an interview cost?

The amount is freely selectable; it starts at €1 (priceless pricing).
Money is not your currency? Think about what you can do for a person, society or the environment and pay by time capital, social capital or financial capital (e.g. donation to an NGO). Your payment will be mentioned in the interview.
(inspired by Nipun Mehtas multiple forms of capital).

An interview consists of:

Preparation (reading about the topic/person),
Interview (incl. sound recording),
Transcript of the interview,
Writing of the interview,
Corrections and test reading (by two people),
Publishing the interview on taskfarm and XING, sharing and promotion on social media channels,
Average processing time 10 hours.