Lukas Beck/Co-founder Greendama

Lukas Beck,18, from Leopoldsdorf /Austria still goes to School at HLW Biedermannsdorf. He´s one of the founders of Greendama which is a Kendama Brand .

The Startup produces/optimizes/sells Kendamas to give the world an alternative to doing nothing else than staring at phones playing games

TF: What is Kendama about?

Playing Kendama is about concentration, fun, and focus on your goals. Its a nice little Japanese skill Toy that trains your hand-eye coordination and its a good alternative to smartphones, gaming consoles etc.

TF: What are the opportunities of our times?

I think the field of opportunities is endless if you have enough money.

TF: What are the challenges we have to face?

A challenge we all have to deal with is to make sense of the ongoing media surpression/perversion madness. It´s difficult to get the real picture of what is happening in our world.

TF: What borders need to be dissolved?

All borders of prejudice and discrimination need to be dissolved.

TF: What is your vision?

My vision is a Kendama playing world without people staring at their phones and doing nothing else.

Lukas will give a Greendama workfunshop at TEDxPannonia 2014
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