Peter Hackmair/Author ‘Träume verändern’

TF: What is your project about?

I’m currently writing a book about my trip around the world. I’ve been traveling with my wife for 15 months, we finished our journey 3 months ago. I used to be a professional soccer player, from a restricted schedule I took the freedom and time to visit different countries and cultures. I met many inspiring people, made many exciting experiences, in my book I’m telling my story but also the story of the people I met and how this journey affected me, altereded me and also changed my values.

TF: After this long trip, if you look at their working life of the people you met or your working life – what do you think is going to change within the next 10 years?

I hope there is going to be a change. Because I think our working life and our understanding of work is completely wrong. The working life of most people I know is a burden and doesn´t content even elements of what they like. Work is just a money provider and nothing else. With this money they can buy status – the obligatory car, or house, or whatnot..

Every time when I ask people if they like their work – most of the time the answer is: it´s all about the money. I think here is the biggest opportunity to change the way people life. With my book I try to inspire people to live their dreams.

TF: What are our opportunities?

Our biggest opportunities are to live and follow our passion. I try to be a good example and an inspiration for other people. If I can follow my dream and be successful with it, everybody can do it. It´s easy to just talk or write but the challenge is to live.

TF: What are the challenges?

I think we need new values. New values can be created by inspiring role models. At the moment our role models are millionaires or bank managers, people who are successful because they make a lot of money but don´t necessarily love what they do. The biggest challenge is to gather the courage to make the first step.

TF: What borders need to be dissolved?

We dissolved physical borders by traveling around the world – for me this is a very meaningful metaphor. The truth is there are no borders in our lives. We humans tend to erect them but they just exist in our brains. We should dissolve borders of courage, we should believe in the power of passion and in the power of our dreams. we can do anything we believe in – and our believe is only as limited as we allow it to be.

TF: What is your vision?

That´s a nice question because just 30 mins ago I started to write about my 3 years vision. I used to be a professional soccer player, in this career we always had to come up with plans on what we wanted to do in 10 years – that was always BS to me as I never could imagine to have such an accurate plan.

Now I´m 27 years and I reflected on what should happen in the upcoming years till I’m 30. In 3 years I want to reach as many people with my books as possible, I’ve got a very concrete number in my mind. I think it is very important to have a vision – it doesn´t have to be a proper plan but a look into what you would like from the future helps you to realise your dreams.

Peter Hackmair is speaker at TEDxPannonia on Aug. 8th 2014

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